Sorority sisters can be some of the best friends you’ll ever have. You experience so much together during your college years and make many lasting memories. 

Whether you’ve just found out who your Big or Little is, or you are just looking for a thoughtful, unique gift to give her, keep reading for the best gift ideas for your big or little sister. 

Gifts that Your Sorority Sisters, Big/ Little Will Love

Traditionally, the Big Sister gives her Little Sister a series of gifts during Big Little Reveal Week to get her excited about finding out who her Big is. Aside from that, a Big Sis gives her Little Sis her first pair of letters after initiation. Aside from those events, gift giving is optional. If you want to gift your Big or Little a gift, here are some ideas

1. Matching set of letters

If your Big or Little loves wearing letters around campus, spoil her with a brand new pair! Typically, putting sorority letters on T-shirts and bags is a little more affordable than sweatshirts so that you can buy a matching pair. Find letters with her favorite colors or pattern and pair them on a cute tote bag, sweatpants, or shirt.

2. Spa Gift Basket

College can be stressful, so a spa gift basket may be just what she needs to feel more relaxed! Fill a basket with all the makings of a spa day — a bathrobe, face masks, bath salts, bath bombs, a relaxing candle, a good book, moisturizer, fuzzy socks, hair masks, an oil diffuser, and her favorite tea.  

3. Finals Week Care Basket

As the semester comes to a close, your Big or Little may be stressing about finals and all the studying she has to get done. Show your support by putting together a Finals Week study basket to help ease her stress.

You can include a gift card to the on-campus coffee house, a coffee mug, or a tumbler with a motivational saying. Include her favorite snacks to keep her energy and focus during long study hours. Grab a few easy school supplies, like Post-It notes and highlighters, to help her study. 

Everyone is stressed during Finals week, so taking time out of your schedule to make sure your Big or Little feels supported will mean the world to her. 

4. Big/ Little Scrapbook

Are you feeling crafty? Make your Big or Little Sis a scrapbook of all the memories of your friendship. Print pictures and include souvenirs and mementos from trips you’ve taken or activities you’ve done together on campus.

You can make a scrapbook online or make it yourself. Either way, she will appreciate the thoughtfulness and will cherish such a unique gift for years to come. 

Sororities Are About More Than Just Letters

Sorority sisters often get a bad rap for being cliquey and superficial. While some may have bad eggs, most sorority members are kind, caring, and thoughtful women who value friendship. 

Meeting friends in college can be difficult, and sororities help women find their place with other like-minded people. If you are fortunate enough to have a Big or Little who you consider a close friend, make sure she knows how much her friendship means to you! 

Gifts are great and help to show you care, but great sorority sisters support their friends in times of need. That’s what Greek life is all about.

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