The fraternity rush can be an exhausting, grueling process, but the hard part is over, and now you welcome some great guys into your chapter. 

Your future best friend could be in this pledge class! Make sure you take the time to get to know each new member and welcome them to your fraternity. 

Tips for Fraternities to Welcome New Members 

Some new members may be nervous and skeptical about their expectations. These suggestions will help them feel welcome and comfortable in their new home.  

1. Organize new member events with active members

Aside from getting their bids, new members will likely be eager to start hanging out with the guys in the fraternity. Invite them to your house to watch the game, have pizza, and just hang out. 

2. Assign big bros ASAP

Big bros are an essential tradition in fraternities. A big bro serves as a mentor for a new member and guides them through their time as a pledge and formal initiation. 

If you’re an active member, try getting to know as many new members as possible so you can find a good match in a Little Bro. 

3. Follow them on social media.

Social media dominates the college scene, and Greek life is no exception. Follow all new members on Instagram and Snap, add them on Facebook, and invite them to any chapter pages they need to be on.

Feeling connected to their new fraternity will make new members feel welcome, even if they don’t know everyone’s name yet. 

4. Take them to dinner or grab lunch in the union. 

Take some new members out for pizza or a meal on campus (if your budget allows!). 

Ask them about their experience so far, and encourage them to ask you questions about why you love the fraternity. Try to be a source of wisdom and reassurance. 

5. Find common ground to build rapport. 

One of your brothers tells you he met a new member who loves Call of Duty as much as you do. Go out of your way to meet that guy and get to know him.

If someone is passionate about something, talking about it with others is usually pretty easy and gets them comfortable around new people. You probably have other similarities and shared interests if you have video games. 

6. Invite them to participate in intramural games

If your frat has a flag football game, invite the new members to attend or play. Most guys are competitive enough that if they’re good at a sport, they’ll say so and won’t be shy about offering their skills to play.

Bonding over sports is easy to build friendships and always have something to talk about. 

7. Introduce them to alumni 

Many fraternities have alumni who are involved in their chapter and serve as advisors. Be sure to invite any alumni to the house or an organized event where they can meet the new members and share stories.

What is a Fraternity Experience Like as a New Member?

If you’re an active member of a fraternity or an alumnus, you have firsthand experience of being a new member.

Most guys are curious about the values, history, and policies associated with the fraternity they are joining. 

However, the new member program shouldn’t focus on history lessons, quizzes, or essays. Instead, it must be about experiencing a fraternity’s friendships, camaraderie, and brotherhood. 

That’s how you make new members feel welcome — show them how they’re now a part of something bigger than themselves. 

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