Many college graduates attribute their positive college experiences, network connections, and post-graduation employment opportunities to their decision to join greek life. By joining a fraternity or sorority, you will not only create connections that can help establish yourself as a professional. Additionally, you’ll develop friendships that will last a lifetime. For incoming Asian and Pacific Islander students, finding a community in which they feel comfortable can seem daunting, especially when language barriers exist. For this reason, and in celebration of API heritage month, we’ve decided to highlight the monumental successes achieved by those of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. Specifically, we have chosen to feature some of the largest API sororities and fraternities. 

Most Prolific Asian Sorority

The following API sororities are all excellent choices for the 2022 Fall semester:

1. Alpha Kappa Delta Phi: Known as the largest Asian sorority of all time, AKDP has over 50 chapters across the country. They focus especially on breast cancer awareness philanthropy. So, if you want to be a part of a family of like-minded women who desire to make a change in the world, this sorority is for you!

2. Alpha Kappa Alpha: AKA has been recognized as one of the greatest and most inclusive sororities for minority students, including those of Asian-American and Pacific Islander descent. Consequently, with over 250,000 women spanning across 900 chapters, you can count on being welcomed with open arms. 

3. Kappa Phi Lambda: KPL is considered the fastest growing sorority featuring predominantly Asian-American students. It is an excellent choice if you’re interested in giving back to your community. They hold yearly philanthropic fundraisers and events. Member are passionate about raising money that goes directly towards struggling Asian communities. 

Asian Fraternities That Can Help You Build Lasting Connections

Is your goal is to find a brotherhood of guys who all share a similar national and cultural background? If so, consider the following fraternity suggestions:

4. Kappa Pi Beta Fraternity: KPB holds the mission of uplifting Asian-American voices and fighting for equal representation in all aspects of life. This fraternity has become perhaps the largest Asian fraternity in the nation. Do you desire a brotherhood in which you will have the opportunity to forge lasting bonds? Consider joining this fraternity to connect with individuals who share similar interests and backgrounds.

5. Lambda Phi Epsilon: Lamba Phi Epsilon is Asian interest fraternity with international ties. LPE members pride themselves on their promotion of authenticity and personal growth. By joining this fraternity, you will have the chance to explore your cultural background with like-minded individuals. 

6. Chi Sigma Tau: Created in 1999, CST has grown from one chapter to eight. They have a total of 400+ members nationwide. Focusing their philanthropic efforts on finding a cure for Alzheimers, CST has raised countless dollars on their quest for change. Also, their motto calls for inclusivity and life-long brotherhood. Certainly, this fraternity is ideal for men who want to establish lasting connections with individuals who are most likely to understand them from a cultural standpoint. 

Celebrating API Heritage Month With the Help of GreekXperience

After learning about the 6 largest API sororities and fraternities, we hope that you feel better prepared for navigating the confusing and daunting world of greek life. When you feel welcomed by your fellow members due to the fact that you all share a similar national and cultural background, you will know that you’ve found the perfect match.

In order to help college students find the fraternity or sorority that aligns most with their unique interests such as the ones listed for API heritage month, we at Greek Xperience have created an app that does all of the research for you. Additionally, our app also makes all aspects of managing your chapter as easy and efficient as possible.

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