Arguably, one of the most rewarding components of Greek Life is the countless volunteer opportunities. Banding together with your brothers and sisters for a common cause is invaluable. Not only does it strengthen community bonds, help to forge new connections, and boost morale, it changes the world, too. 

There’s nothing like volunteering with your sorority or fraternity. If you’re looking for some great volunteer opportunities for college students, look no further! Here at GreekXperience, we’ve got you covered.

Volunteer Opportunities for College Students

There are so many ways to be of service. Organize any of the following excursions or volunteer trips with your community. You’ll be thankful that you did!

1. Volunteer at a Local Animal Shelter

This activity is as healing as it is fun. Although it can be heartbreaking to see the number of animals in need of a home, it’s ultimately worth it. Contact your local animal shelter and see if they need assistance. Most shelters are understaffed and need help with grooming, feeding, and socializing animals. You can even host an adopt-a-thon on campus!

2. Head to a Local Soup Kitchen

Too many people are hungry and in need of a hot meal. You can become the difference as to whether or not someone gets fed. Organize a trip to a local soup kitchen or food bank. Spend the day cooking meals, packing lunches, and serving those in need. This activity is perfect on a weekend, and especially during the holidays.

3. Volunteer at a Home for the Elderly

One of the most overlooked populations in the country, the elderly also require attention and care. Many Greek organizations volunteer at senior homes to simply sit and chat with residents. Your fraternity or sorority can also facilitate a fun activity for your visit. Try a community dance, an arts-and-craft fair, or a family meal around the holidays.

4. Tutor Children in Need

Children who find themselves in homeless shelters often miss out on defining educational milestones. This unfortunate reality is exacerbated by the lack of resources available for these young children. Contact your local shelter or youth center and see if there’s a need for tutors. Even beyond tutoring, you can also create a mentorship program where members advocate for and mentor children in need.

5. Build a Home With Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an incredible organization dedicated to solving the global homelessness crisis. Ever thought about joining their cause? HFA is always in need of volunteers. See if your organization is ready to build homes for underserved communities. 

6. Organize a Park Clean Up

Bring your organization together for a park clean-up! Litter and garbage are rampant issues in our country. The amount of garbage that piles up in public spaces often goes unnoticed. Plan to change this reality. Organize a park clean-up with your fraternity or sorority. You can head to a local park or even stay on campus. Wherever needs your service the most, choose that location.

Find Volunteer Opportunities that Reflect Your Chapter

When planning volunteer opportunities, choose activities that reflect the values of your chapter. You just can’t go wrong with volunteer work. Because it is always needed. However, it’s possible to refine your specific philanthropic goals. Find volunteer opportunities that demonstrate what your chapter cares about the most. The opportunities are limitless.

Volunteering Opportunities Near Me

Still looking for incredible volunteering opportunities for your sorority or fraternity? GreekXperience can help. Learn how to grow your community, find the perfect Greek Life match, and even bring more Greek Life to your campus. For a one-stop-shop for all things Greek life, look no further than GreekXperience. To learn more about connecting with us, visit us here.

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