With Fall Recruitment just around the corner, rush and Bid Day themes are a hot topic for chapters around the country. As you plan your Fall Rush Week, you may be searching for inspiration for Bid Day themes to impress the potential new members you’ll meet in a few weeks. While themes aren’t the most important thing about the end of Rush, it’s still a good idea to express your chapter’s creative side and have fun along the way.

Keep reading this post for inspiration for your upcoming Bid Day.

Bid Day Rush Sorority Themes 

Here are a few memorable Bid Day themes that will impress new members with your creativity and get them even more excited to join your chapter.

1. Hawaiian / Tropical Theme

Give your new members a taste of your chapter’s “Aloha” spirit with Hawaiian or tropical Bid Day. 

Design shirts with a tropical theme, hand out leis to all the new members, and serve food and sweets that follow Hawaiian cuisine. Fresh fruit, mocktails, and festive luau music will complete your Bid Day perfectly.

2. Patriotic/ USA Theme

Show off your patriotism and celebrate your new bids with a red, white, and blue theme. Grill up burgers and hot dogs, serve soda and lemonade, and decorate with American flags and fireworks. 

Create a playlist with all USA-themed songs, like Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA,” Miley’s “Party in the USA,” and Tom Petty’s “American Girl,” just to name a few. 

3. Electric Cowgirl Party

Whether you’re in a southern state or your chapter loves a rodeo’s energy and laid-back vibe, your new members will be ecstatic to see their future sisters decked out in cow print, cowgirl hats, and boots. 

Have the actives wear one color bandana and hand out a different color bandana to your new members. Play country music and add a photo backdrop with a cute saying like, “We’re roundin’ up the best!”

4. 80’s Neon

An 80’s neon party is the perfect way to celebrate your chapter getting new members and Recruitment coming to an end. 

Your Bid Day shirts can be black with a bright color to stand out as the new girls run home to their house. Hand out glow sticks, decorate your house or chapter room with blacklights and have a dance party to welcome everyone home!

5. Rock N Roll 

Make your new members feel like they just joined the baddest sorority on campus with a rocker themed Bid Day. Wear muscle tanks, studded belts, Doc Martens, black eyeliner, and tons of attitude!

Pass out inflatable air guitars to new members and have a great time welcoming the new girls to the party! 

Sorority Rush Themes Come Second to Finding Quality PNMs

Rush week is an exciting, stressful time for both PNMs and active members in each chapter on campus. Everyone wants to make connections, offer bids to their favorite girls, and create a pledge class full of like-minded yet diverse women. 

While rush themes are important because they’ll make a memorable first impression, remember that your sorority is so much more than its cute themes during recruitment. Have fun with it, but keep your focus on meeting new people and finding the best fit for your chapter. 

Create Lasting Bonds of Sisterhood Starting with Rush 

Sororities are a great way to make new friends and give back to your community within and beyond campus. You can also create memories that will last a lifetime.

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