So many prospective students enter their college years in search of one vital thing: community. There’s a lot that can be overwhelming for new students. The collective excitement of a new experience and the uncertainty of what’s going to happen can be stressful. Additionally, the curiosity, readiness, and eagerness circulating the freshman sphere is exciting and can be ungrounding.

For many Latin and hispanic students, finding a group of like-minded individuals is very supportive. Being in a group that shares a rich cultural history and a shared ambition remains a driving force for students. Similarly, finding the people who see you, understand you, support you, and celebrate you for all that you are is necessary. It can prove to be wildly rewarding, especially as a burgeoning leader. If any of this rings true, here’s why you should consider joining a Latin culturally-based sorority or fraternity. 

1. Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity: Find True Brotherhood & Unity

The Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity was founded on the principles of brotherhood, high standards of learning, morality, Latin unity, chivalry, and cultural respect. This globally-acknowledged and renowned fraternity has made a lasting impact on its members and the Latino community as a whole. 

Founded in 1975, Lambda Theta Phi transformed the Greek Life System as we knew it. It established the first Latin fraternity in the United States. Focused on service, genuine brotherhood, and leadership, this fraternity unites its members through a celebration and honoring of Latin heritage. Above all, joining a brotherhood of Latinos can be empowering, life-changing, and open doors you never thought possible. Its high standards of excellence will give you an unforgettable college experience and will undoubtedly alter your life forever.

2. Find Latin Sorority Sisters that Celebrate You

It’s no secret that women’s leadership is going to change the world. When women collaborate, mountains move. We’re seeing some of these changes happen on a global scale through the work being done by Latina Sororities. 

Founded in 1988, Las Hermanas of Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/Lambda Pi Chi Sorority empowers Latinas. They focus on cultural awareness, public service, and continuous education on the real social and political issues faced by the Latin community. This organization binds together revolutionary women and forever changes the framework of our global sphere. Finding a community of women who will celebrate your wins and stand by you no matter what is invaluable. This is especially true for upcoming leaders in our society. 

3. Deeper Cultural Appreciation in Latin Fraternities and Sororities

These groups all have one crucial thing in common – a real focus on celebrating your identity. They celebrate cultural events, commitment to learning your history, and service-based work to give back to your community. In addition, you will experience a deep sense of gratitude and pride for your culture. It’s important to surrounded yourself with people who are here to sustain traditions and revolutionize the future. For students, it is an assured way to see the power in your heritage. 

4. Empower Yourself & Your Community

When you’re a member of an organization that continuously strives for excellence, it’s hard not to feel inspired! Now more than ever, students of color need to be reminded of the power they hold. Your success is another person’s success. When you go higher, your entire community goes higher with you. 

5. Change the World on a Global Level

The work you do inside your fraternity or sorority holds so much more impact than you realize. For instance, the commitment to social justice and change and the inclusivity of all members of your community will inevitably ripple out into the world. It can change the foundations of our society on a global scale. Students of color in leadership positions is a revolutionary act in and of itself. Change your campus, and change the world.

Finding a sorority or fraternity that works for you is so much bigger than the four short years of college. In addition, these connections, brothers, sisters, and chosen-family members stay with you for life. Your sense of identity, love for your heritage, and leadership skills will deepen dramatically. You will find the tools and skills needed for you to succeed in all areas of your life. And, you will always remember the life-changing years spent with your brothers or sisters. GreekXperience is here for all things community, connection, and a memorable college experience.


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