Sorority Service

Sorority sisters’ participation in philanthropy and service events is key to helping their communities. Additionally, it’s beneficial for members themselves! Participating in service events such as a 5K run for diabetes, a suicide prevention and awareness campaign, serving at a soup kitchen, or other creative ways to obtain donations for a nonprofit organization can be fulfilling in many ways. While members give their time to support the public, they build essential skills and greater relationships with their community.

Sorority Sisters Philanthropy Ideas

Bake Sales – Yum!

Say you’re leaving a classroom, you’re starving, and there’s a bake sale going on –  wouldn’t you reach for a cookie? A bake sale is a simple and seamless way to get funds from the public on campus. The money can either fund future events or merchandise for a specific sorority, or provide donations to a nonprofit organization. You can place tables throughout campus, which will attract plenty of snacky students. Since baked treats can be relatively cheap to make, you can make a big profit when items are priced correctly. Additionally, a great way for your sorority to connect with more people is being outside interacting with the campus.

5K Run

Have you ever considered participating in a 5K run? A lot of nonprofit organizations work with different sororities in order to spread awareness to a wider demographic. Sororities can promote the event on different social media platforms. A great way to offer service to the community is teaming up with an event that’s already happening is. Also, participating in the run helps a greater cause, gets you moving, and is a bonding opportunity with your sorority sisters.

Clothing Swap

This event is not only super fun, but it’s also a great way to create sustainable fashion! The amount of fabric that’s produced annually is astronomical. It’s harming our planet, it’s costly, and it’s unnecessary how many clothing items get wasted each year. Setting up a clothing swap is an amazing way to help. It can save money, save the planet, promote your chapter, and help you find adorable new pieces for your wardrobe! Try this out in the springtime as a “spring cleaning” extravaganza. Above all, the warm weather will attract new people, and you can donate whatever isn’t used to a local clothing drop.

Fashion Show

Get this – with all the new clothing acquired from your clothing swap, you can put on a community fashion show! Fashion shows are fun, engaging, exciting, inclusive, and are an amazing way to raise money for a local charity. You can even serve food and hors d’oeuvres for your guests to enjoy as they gaze upon the stunning looks. Afterward, turn the runway into a stage or dance floor and keep the party going all night!

Volunteering at a Soup Kitchen

A major part of being in a sorority is fostering sustainable change that ripples out into your community. It’s important to serve the members of your campus. And sometimes the best thing to do is leave campus and plug into the needs of your community. Unfortunately, a whole world of people are in desperate need of resources to simply survive. Volunteering at a local soup kitchen or food bank to serve those in need can be a massively rewarding experience. Not only this, it will broaden your perspective and see the gravity of so many people’s realities. Gather up a van of your sorority sisters on an early weekend morning and head to your nearest facility. This can even become a monthly commitment! Invite students outside of your chapter, too! The more people, the larger impact. 

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