If you’re in a sorority, you already know how important it is to celebrate your sisters. We can all agree that our female friendships are one of the most significant gifts greek life offers us. Sorority sisters have a unique bond, so be sure you shower each other with love this February 13th. 

From brunch to throwing the ultimate slumber party with your besties, here are five ideas to slay this Galentine’s day! 

A Galentines Day for the Books

It’s essential to make the most of the time you have with your sisters and enjoy every moment. When you reflect on these years, you will recall some of the best times of your life. Make this Galentines Day a perfect opportunity to celebrate the bonds of female friendship with your sorority sisters. 

Sorority Brunch

Whether you go out to your favorite restaurant or stay in, nothing screams Galentine’s Day quite like brunch. If you’re cooking at home, consider making a potluck brunch where everyone brings something yummy to share. Make sure to stay organized and create a list of food and drinks everyone can get. 

Heighten the festive sprites by setting a dress code with pink, red, and white! Finally, toast to friendship and good times with a glass in your hand. 

Memory Board Mailbox

Recreate the childhood memory of Valentine’s Day mailboxes, but with a twist. Get crafty with your ladies by trading in the shoebox for a memory board. Gather some magazines, photos, and trinkets from the year to honor the memories you and your sisters have made. Be sure to glue on an envelope to exchange love and affirmation notes! 

Pro-tip: turn the memory board into a vision board! Sharing our goals and desires with those who support us increases our success rate. Sit around with your sorority sisters and talk about how you will manifest your glow-up year. 

Secret Cupid

Cupid sprinkles love over platonic relationships just as much as romantic ones. With a bit of planning, your sorority could get a visit from Cupid this year. Set a price limit and have everyone bring a little Galentine’s Day gift for each other. You can also get creative and have everyone make their gifts! 

For extra fun, have the President of your sorority dress up as Cupid and hand out the presents. It will be a Galentine’s Day your sorority will surely remember. 

Spa Day

Treat yourselves to a spa day that includes facials, massages, and mani-pedis. Take the time to unwind, catch up, and pamper yourself. And, if you’re not sure where to go, stay in! Create an at-home spa with facemasks, nail polish, and a delicious-smelling candle. Tell everyone to wear their comfiest clothes for this rejuvenating Galentine’s Day. 

While everyone is zenned out, queue up a movie that celebrates female friendship, like Bridesmaids, Steel Magnolias, or Clueless. And remember to take plenty of photos in your facemasks!

Ultimate Slumber Party 

There’s nothing like spending the night snacking and giggling with our besties. This Galentine’s Day, throw the ultimate slumber party for your sorority. Set the vibe by getting decorations from the dollar store, loading up on snacks and drinks, and curating a killer playlist. Make sure to have a deck of cards and a new bag of chocolate kisses for a poker game. 

You can even pull up some karaoke on Youtube and sing some of your favorite girl band songs. Stay up dancing, laughing, and strengthening bonds with your sisters.

Sharing the Love of Sororities 

As sorority sisters, you already know how important community is. This Galentine’s Day, share the love that ties sororities together by volunteering at a local shelter, school, or food drive. Giving back to our community helps to remind us that we are a part of a greater whole. Love is what will heal our relationships, our community, and our planet. 

Pledge for a Lifetime of Sisterhood! 

Whether you celebrate Galentine’s Day with your girlies or your community, be sure your sorority knows how much you love them. When you pledge, you become part of a sisterhood for life! 

Here at GreekXperience, we know just how pivotal Greek life is to our college experience and life after graduation. Join today for more amazing tips on elevating your sorority and building memories for a lifetime. 


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