As your organization plans its activities and events for the year, you may brainstorm creative ways to involve yourself in the community. So, meet with your philanthropy team to list some local organizations you’d like to work with. Helping local communities and underserved populations is an essential pillar behind the Divine Nine. Another way to expand your network is to get your active members, new members, and alumni involved to make a big splash in the community.

How Divine 9 Greek Chapters Can Give Back

Here are five meaningful ways you can involve your chapter  in the local community:

1. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

Soup kitchens function successfully thanks to the many volunteers who help serve and donate time and money. If your chapter is looking for a fun, empowering way to involve themselves in the community, help give back, and foster connections with people, a soup kitchen is an excellent service you can offer. Meeting people from different backgrounds and struggles can be incredibly humbling and inspiring.

2. Host a Greek Life event to support a local group 

Find a local group or organization in your community that your chapter feels compelled to assist. It could be a homeless shelter, women’s or men’s support group, a local foundation, or something along those lines. Organize a Greek Life charity event where the funds you raise will go towards the local group. This can be something as simple as a relay race or scavenger hunt on campus, a bowling event, a softball game, etc. Hosting an event like this will hopefully help your chapter grow closer to other Greek chapters on campus. For example, it can also build camaraderie and create new friendships.

3. Coach a sports team at the local YMCA

Sports organizations or the YMCA always look for talented people to help coach various kids’ sports teams. The chances are good that many of your members played a sport in high school, are on a collegiate sports team, or have a passion for sports. So gather the interested members and find a few days a week that they can work with local kid’s teams.

4. Big Brother/ Big Sister programs

Research shows that children with mentoring typically excel in school. They also build healthy relationships with their family members and are less likely to interact in delinquent activities. Your chapter’s members can guide and encourage local children who need role models. Nothing is more empowering and enriching than that!

5. Donation drives

Run a Greek-wide donation drive that collects coats and other warm winter clothes for families in the community if your college is in a cold climate. They can be donated to a women’s or men’s shelter or a group home. If the fall semester is on the horizon and your chapter wants to give back to families in need, organize a donation drive that collects school supplies and clothing for kids.

Why Communities Need the Divine 9 Organizations 

As the Divine nine organizations were established, goals and priorities may have differed from chapter to chapter. Still, the core values remained the same — educating and inspiring Black students and the community, uplifting them from racial inequalities. By getting involved with your community and organizing events to help in any way you can, your local chapter will make a big difference in the lives of those you help. As you know, Greek life can only be as enriching and valuable as the time and effort you put in.

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