If you’re the fundraising chair of your sorority or fraternity, you’re probably looking for fun fundraising ideas that are going to get a lot of active members involved. After all, if it’s enjoyable, more people will be incentivized to participate!


What are some fun fundraising ideas? There are many options for fundraising, but the top five that would get the most members involved are:

1. Dance Battle Show

2. Comedy Show

3. Battle of the Bands

4. Greek Life Carnival

5. Volleyball Contest


With these fundraising ideas, you can get your whole organization involved as well as other Greek chapters. Plus, you can attract a lot of non-Greek members too that will attend and pay money for the tickets. The details of how to run these events will be detailed below.


The Best Fundraising Ideas for Your Sorority or Fraternity.


There are a lot of options for fundraising, but the ones that will get you the best results are the ones that most people will enjoy. Here are the top five most fun fundraising ideas.


1. Dance Battle Show

This fun fundraising idea takes quite a bit of planning, but with the right Greek life management platform, your sorority or fraternity can make it happen. First, create an original name for the show. For example, “America’s Greek Dance Battle.” Of course, discuss with your chapter to determine the best name.


Then, get all Greek chapters involved. This can be a fundraising event you do every year with massive results. Every year one fraternity will be paired with one sorority to come up with a group dance that they will perform at the dance battle.


This is a great way to bring fraternities and sororities together to form a greater sense of community amongst the Greek chapters. It’s a way for people who never would have otherwise talked to each other to participate in something enjoyable together. This type of event can create life-long bonds.


fundraising ideas for sorority or fraternity


Each team will then have a month or two to come up with their dance, and finally, perform it on stage at the dance battle show.


To raise money, you can charge members who want to enter the competition, those attending the show, or both. With the right marketing, this event will attract not only the entire Greek community since every chapter is involved but also people who are not involved in Greek life. Everyone loves to be entertained, and a dance battle with excellent dancing is top-notch entertainment.


Make sure each chapter designates someone who knows how to choreograph a dance. In every sorority, there are usually one or two girls who either have taken numerous dance classes throughout their life or are dance majors. Have chapters utilize their members effectively for this!


The incentive for the fraternity and sorority pair that wins is a

prize and, of course, the claim to fame.


2. Comedy Show

Along the same lines as the dance battle show, a comedy show is meant to provide entertainment for Greek and non-Greek students alike. You can create a comedy show by reaching out to actual comedians. Some may do a show for you for free or really cheap if they know that part of the proceeds will go to a charity that is near and dear to their heart.


You might also be able to have a company pay for a well-known comedian if you let the company know that you will put their logo on your sorority/fraternity t-shirts. Some companies will work with you if you are willing to be a walking advertisement for them.


You can also have members from each chapter audition to be a part of the comedy show and pick the funniest members to be in it. You might even be able to open up auditions to your entire university, so you have an even bigger pool of people to choose from.


Then, once you have your talent, put on the show. People love a good laugh, so expect a lot of people to attend. Once again, you can either charge the members wanting to join the show, the people purchasing tickets to the show, or both.


3. Battle of the Bands

Another one of the fundraising ideas you can use for your sorority or fraternity is to have a battle of the bands. A battle of the bands is another great form of entertainment. Have bands from either all of the Greek chapters or your entire university audition to be a part of the show. You can either charge the bands that join the show, the audience members who attend, or both. Either way, this is another excellent form of entertainment that will get a lot of people attending. Make sure to give the best band a prize. You can even try to get this for free from a company if you let them know some of the money is going towards philanthropic efforts. Many companies will help you when they know it is for an altruistic cause.


4. Greek Life Carnival

Who doesn’t love a carnival? This is another idea that is going to take time, diligent effort, and impeccable organization to plan. Be sure to use a greek life management platform to help you with this endeavor. Even though it takes a lot of planning, the results will be worth it. Make sure you plan this for when there is good weather, like when you are starting to approach summer break.


To put on the carnival, once again, reach out to local businesses to see if they will help with sponsorships or donations. There are many ways you can save money when putting on the carnival. For more details on how to save money when putting on a fair, click here.


Putting on a carnival is a great way to get all of your members involved because of how much planning goes into it. Not only is it a great way to fundraise money, but it will also bring your chapter closer together.


Once the carnival is all set and ready to go, you can make tons of money by charging for games, rides, food, and more.


5. Volleyball Competition

If you’re a sports fanatic, this fundraising idea is for you. Putting on a volleyball contest can work in various ways. One way is to charge teams a fee to enter. You could open this up to your whole university, so you get as many teams participating as possible.


The other option is to do something like the dance battle show in which you have fraternities and sororities work together. You could also include members from different non-Greek organizations into the mix. Each organization would choose it’s best members when creating a volleyball team. These teams can then practice together in their free time before the big competition day. Once again, you can charge per team that joins. This would work best if you have an indoor gym to hold the volleyball tournament so that you can also charge people who want to watch the competition.


Either way, create brackets to determine who wins the volleyball competition. The incentive for teams to join is that the winner gets a prize. Reach out to local companies to help donate items to use as a prize.


Wrapping Up

Whether it be a dance battle or a volleyball contest, having fun fundraising events not only will raise you a lot of money, but it can also be a great way to bring your members together as well as the members of other chapters. It creates a greater sense of community among the campus, entertains students, and can contribute to the greater (philanthropic) good. What can get better than that?





If you’re looking for help with planning your next fundraising event, be sure to sign up or connect your campus with GreekXperience, so you don’t have to do it alone!