College fraternities can always benefit from some time off the books to have fun. If you’re looking for something cool to do without having a bunch of drunken rendezvous to manage, you’re in the right place. There are tons of ways to strengthen your bond with your Greek fraternity brothers without the booze. Let’s jump into the spring season with some new plans for Greek life!

Potlucks or Cookoffs – College Fraternities Have Taste Specialists!

Who can make the best ribs? What about the tastiest spicy dish? It’s up to you! Find out who has the best kitchen skills with a friendly cooking competition. Winners get mega bragging rights about their mashed potatoes and a bunch of friends with happy bellies. 

For a great variety, try a potluck. It’s an easier way to be cost-efficient since pizza can get boring and big gatherings can get pricey. If everyone brings a different dish, you can have a huge assortment of food. Plus, you might even leave with some tips for your next meal. 

Escape Rooms – The Best Fraternities Try New Things! 

Try your luck at an escape room for a memorable team-building exercise! There’s always plenty to do for everyone. You get sixty minutes to solve all of the puzzles in the room, move through the theme, and (hopefully) escape. You’ll get three hints from your gamemaster, and maybe a few extras—if you’re lucky!

Most locations have a couple of rooms. For bonus points, get another fraternity to race you! You can rent a few rooms at the same time, have your games start simultaneously, and the winners get some serious bonus points! The experience is overall great for building communication skills with your greek fraternity. 

Beach Games – Frat Games Hit the Beach!

If you live near a good beach, whether featuring a lake or an ocean view, it’s time to break out some good-old beach games. We’re talking three-legged-races, red rover, and red light green light, just for the laughs. It’ll be hilarious and nostalgic to watch everyone trip over each other for a couple of hours, that’s for sure!

This is another great opportunity to get other fraternities involved. If it’s a success, you can even make it annual, and each college fraternity can choose a nation to represent. This is how the great Olympics were born!

Jackbox Games – Rainy Day? No Problem!

This is great for greek fraternity houses with groups of eight to ten at a time. You can get this digital game on most play stores. It includes several miniature games. Everyone chooses a nickname and logs into the Jackbox website on their smart device, so no extra hardware is necessary. 

You can compete with your frat brothers to win the title of best comic strip artist, or you can answer random trivia. It’s bound to keep you all laughing and engaged, and it’s so much cooler than a card game. 

Disc Golf of Frisbee – Get Your Fraternity Outside! 

It might be a good plan to schedule some much-needed time out in the sun. This is especially true now that warm weather is back! Disc golf is a great way to get out into some scenic trails, while still having an awesome and challenging activity to focus on. 

If you’ve never played, disc golf functions with the same general rules of traditional golf. Instead of a hole out in the green, you have a standing basket with chains, usually quite a throw away from the throwing point. Practice makes perfect! Start with closer shots and work your way up to the big leagues.

If the prospect of the far throws and baskets isn’t your style, try some regular frisbee! It can still be a great outdoor activity, offering a couple of hours of fun before nightfall. 

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