Sometimes, you’ll want to add a little flair to your sorority gatherings. These are some of the best tips for cultivating exciting and memorable experiences with your sorority sisters! Enjoy the following while you’re rocking the college life. If they go over well, you could even make each one a new sorority tradition! 

1. Become the Best Sorority with Themed Parties 

Be the top dog of college life activities with a couple of well-executed theme parties! When everyone has to go out of their way to create a costume, they’re that much more likely to love your unique vibe. 

Some ideas, you say? Oh, of course! You can have a groovy 70s theme and have everyone come as different versions of hippies. Or, you can go with a superhero theme and they’ll show up in latex gloves with tutus. Mardi Gras is a popular one, along with Ancient Egypt. Be sure to welcome Cleopatra herself with a smile!

You definitely want to utilize the holidays for this one if you can. Have an awesome St. Patty’s Day gathering, or an Easter party complete with bunny ears and Easter egg hunts! 

2. Take a Micro-Break from Sorority Life with a Group Painting

First, hit Amazon (or maybe your art center) and get yourself a roll of paper that’s at least three feet tall. Roll out a huge piece of paper. You’ll also want to get markers, paint, and anything else you think might be good to throw some color on it.

Set it up on a huge wall of your Greek house with some tape. Be sure to put some protective gear underneath (old newspapers are great for this), and be sure all your sorority sisters can come along! Over the course of a couple of hours with some tasty snacks, you can try to cover the whole paper with patterns and doodles and funny quotes—whatever you want! If you don’t finish it in one go, you can even get a few nights of fun out of the same swath of paper.  

3. Ask a Professor for a Special Presentation 

Many of the professors at your school could have some interesting research going on in the background. Spark a conversation and see if they’ll agree to pay you a visit. They can even use this time to practice bits for their next lecture, while also covering their areas of expertise, TED talk-style. You and your sorority sisters will likely have some unique and interesting info under your heels. 

This is great for improving your reasoning skills, and normalizing inquisitions out of class. These can each be a huge benefit to everyone’s GPA! Hopefully, that’s enough motivation to go out on a limb and approach the most interesting professor you can think of!

4. Try Learning a Skill Together

You can try gardening, creative writing, or a new dance technique—as long as you do it together! Create an atmosphere of dutiful learning in your Greek house, with regular meet-ups specifically intended to generate new skills. You and your sisters can learn to do hula-hoop tricks or some other flow prop. That’s also a great way to get outside in the sunshine.

If a sorority sister has a natural knack for baking, have her teach everyone a little about what she knows. Maybe you can rotate through your sisters as you go through the weeks; each time you meet, someone else can share their unique hobbies and insights. These events can help you get to know each other, and give you new skills while you move through Greek life! 

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