A Creative Approach to Philanthropy for Fraternities 

Fraternities bring awareness for a brighter future for their fellow brothers and surrounding communities. Fraternities’ participation in service to different communities and organizations is key to helping others and achieving goals outside campus grounds. Many fraternity members participate in resourceful events for service and fundraising. In addition to philanthropy, fun fraternity events can bring brothers together and create ways to relieve the stress of college. 

Check out these four fun philanthropy ideas for fraternities!

Fraternity Fundraising Ideas

Pizza Party

Who doesn’t love a slice of cheese and bread? There are tons of different businesses that love the free promotion and exposure that a Fraternity event can bring. What’s great about a pizza party is that it’s an eye-catching event that can bring many people together. Pizza is very simplistic and yet so delicious with every bite. There’s a big profit to be made when resold for fundraising. A pizza party is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Movie Night

Why not catch a great movie after exams? Another great idea for fraternities is to acquire a movie to show to the public. This can promote awareness around a certain subject and also gather donations for small nonprofit organizations. As the weather gets nicer and exams are slowly coming to an end, an outdoor movie viewing is a great option. Participants can enjoy the scenery and watch a great movie in the process. 

Pie-in-the-Face Event 

Every college student goes through stressful times with their coursework. Ever heard of finals week? What about dealing with the frustrations that you face throughout the semester by throwing a pie in someone’s face? Another great idea for a fraternity event is a public pie event. In such an event, throwing a pie in someone’s face is the spectacle. But the intention is to spread awareness or obtain donations for both the fraternity and other organizations. From all the shouting and excitement that you would hear throughout the event, it would cause a lot of curiosity among people passing by. 

Pet Party

Four-legged friends to the rescue! Dogs are people’s best friends and are a joy to be around. Who doesn’t love a pet party? Another great idea for a fraternity event is to bring in dogs from nearby animal shelters onto campus. Students or locals can play with or even adopt a new pet! What’s great about having dogs on campus is that it brings a little joy and light into the seriousness that comes from classes. Getting the chance to let go of stress and anxiety can change everyone’s mood for the better. 

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