If you are part of a fraternity or looking to join one soon, you might be wondering what differentiates a regular fraternity from a top fraternity. Whether you want to revamp your fraternity or join the best one, certain aspects of a fraternity make it stand out against the rest. 

What is a top fraternity? A top fraternity is a fraternity with the best reputation on campus with high-quality members and other traits that make it “top-tier.” 

At this point, you still may be wondering what exactly those traits are that make a fraternity rise through the ranks. Keep reading because below, you’ll find 12 things that make a top fraternity. 

12 Things That Make a Top Fraternity

Here are the 12 things that make a top fraternity, so your fraternity can become the best of the best too. 

1. Solid Recruitment

Having a solid recruitment process is imperative to becoming a top house. Without it, you can run into issues like not bringing on enough members each year to keep the fraternity going. You could also end up bringing in subpar members. That’s why recruitment must focus on finding the highest quality members to join. Overall, recruitment should be a way for potential new members and chapters to find the best fit. 

2. Strong Finances

Collecting enough dues for your chapter and fundraising when necessary is vital to creating a top house environment. Part of being a leading house means putting money into high quality, engaging events that are going to entice members to join. Plus, a fraternity can’t accomplish all that it needs to throughout the year without enough money. 

3. The Right Technology

With more and more Greek life chapters implementing technology, the best ones will have the right technology that will help everything run smoother. Managing the chapter doesn’t have to be as hard as it used to be, so choosing the right software is essential. The best software out there for chapter management is GreekXperience and is a definite must for a top chapter.

4. Stellar Social Life

Leading fraternities know that having an excellent social life is a must if they want to attract as many members as possible. After all, fraternities’ social aspect is a significant reason people join Greek life in the first place. 

5. Strong Leaders

An organization is only as strong as its leaders. Therefore, top-notch chapters have the best leaders to run the show. They are usually the kinds of men who were or are involved in sports or help run other organizations on campus. 

6. Focus on Brotherhood

Top houses make sure that there is a focus on brotherhood so that all members continue to stay engaged, committed, and loyal to the fraternity. Without those strong bonds between members, there is less of a reason for members to stick around. The best fraternities also make sure to have programs to keep seniors active instead of only focusing on new members. 

7. Strong GPA

The best fraternities have a work hard, play hard attitude. Even though members are social, they still prioritize academics and maintain strong grades with GPAs of 3.0+. Even more importantly, their members actually graduate. 

8. Campus Credibility

Leading fraternities are known for something on campus, which gives them credibility and status. Whether it’s that they have the best annual philanthropy, always win at intramurals or Greek week, or are the most active church-goers, the top fraternities are going to do something that makes them stand out. 

9. Active Alumni Involvement

The greatest fraternities don’t just forget about their members when they become alumni. They know that alumni can provide them with wisdom they wouldn’t otherwise have. They also know that connecting with alumni offers essential networking opportunities. Thus, top fraternities have programs in place to stay connected with their alumni brothers. 

10. Superior Risk Management

For fraternities to remain active on campus, they must follow the rules of the university. Universities will not tolerate fraternities acting out or hazing. Therefore, the best fraternities implement a superior risk management plan to minimize the potential of being banned by the university. 

11. Nice House

Potential new members to a fraternity will look at the house they are going to be living in to decide if it’s somewhere they could, realistically, be happy. Top frats know this, and because they want to attract the best of the best, they also make sure their house is the best of the best. They have a home that looks good on both the outside and the inside. Therefore, their members do their best to keep the house clean. 

12. Active Community Service 

Lastly, the best frats want to make a difference. Therefore, they are actively involved in their community and make community service events both a priority and fun. That way, all brothers are getting involved and impacting their community. 

Wrapping Up

Now you know what you need to decide if a fraternity is a top house or not. And if you’re trying to improve your status on campus, now you know what it takes. The devil is in the details, and the little things you do can immensely enhance your chapter’s status. 

One of those essential details is implementing technology that will revamp how you manage your chapter and revamp recruitment. That way, you can increase both your recruitment numbers and member retention. 

As stated previously, GreekXperience is the best software for that, and if you aren’t already using them, you should connect them with your campus today. Just click here and submit your information, and you’ll be on your way to fraternity greatness in no time!


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