Greek sorority sisters are called sisters for a reason: they’re for life! You will create many lasting memories throughout your college career with your sorority, but none of those memories will come close to initiation. Initiation is a special time for everyone, and serves as the welcoming stage for newcomers. Be sure to kick off initiation with a bang by implementing some of these great ideas for welcoming newcomers!

1. Plan A Retreat 

Take a group trip with your newest sorority sisters. Find the perfect house at the destination of your choice so that everyone can relax and get to know each other. What better way to bond than over good food, good drinks, and good ambiance? 

2. Girls Night

Get to know your new sisters! Sometimes, we all need a break from festivities to relax and wind down. A girls night is also the perfect time to get to know more about your new sisters.

3. Speed Dating

College is a fun time for everyone. What’s more fun than speed dating? Have some fun with your Greek sorority sisters and spend a night out getting to know other people! You may learn a thing or two about your new sisters, and it’s a perfect way to kick off the college experience.

4. Family Feud

Host your own version of family feud featuring trivia questions about your sorority like when it was founded, who founded it, where it was founded, etc. A family feud game night is a great way to introduce your new sisters to the sorority!

5. Volunteer for a Day

Show your new sisters what your Greek sorority is all about. Sororities are known for giving back to the community, and playing active roles on campus. Volunteer somewhere for a day and show your new sisters how much good you all do.

6. Gym Takeover

Maybe don’t walk in like you own the place, but walk in as a team! A gym takeover is a great way for newcomers to release their stress and anxieties after a long initiation process. Who knows? It could even become a regular thing for you and your sisters.

7. Tye Dye T-Shirts

Start your new sisters off right with some Greek attire. Nothing says “welcome” like a tangible thing that shows that your new sister belongs. Not only that, but who doesn’t have fun tye dyeing t-shirts?

8. Bowling

Get competitive! Bowling is an awesome way for new sisters to get to know your sorority, and have some fun in the process. When was the last time you’ve been bowling? Do you think you have what it takes to come out on top?

9. Shopping

What could be better than hitting the mall with your sorority sisters after a long and grueling initiation process? Take your new sisters out to shop! You might find that you even have the same taste.

10. Throw a Party

It’s a celebration! You’ve just welcomed new sisters into your house, now it’s time to make them feel welcome and show them what your greek sorority is all about. Implement some games, talk to each other about food and snacks, and invite some students from outside of greek college life to give your new sisters the full picture of what college life is like.

Are You Ready to Go Greek?

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