College Greek life is more than just a 4-year rager. Greek houses continuously make positive impacts within the community and work to better student’s experiences in college while preparing them for a professional career outside of the university. Even more important than that is the perpetuation of the positive role that your Greek fraternity plays in the community. Ensuring that your fraternity maintains its beneficial practices and helping-hand methods is paramount to the success of future members.

There are many ways that you can make a positive impact in your Greek house. But, it all starts with recognizing the outlets and tools at your disposal that you can utilize to ensure that such noble causes continue, and benefit newcomers. Taking into account the role your fraternity plays at your school, in the local community, and the roles of your members will help you realize what you can do to keep the legacy alive! Let’s begin!

1. Be a Leader

Being a leader can mean a variety of things. Essentially, everyone needs someone who will speak up in moments of triumph or failure. By emphasizing your unique voice, you can begin to transform the parts of your Greek fraternity that need changing, and improve upon the facets that are already serving the greater good. Most importantly, you can lead newcomers and new pledges and help them throughout their college career.

2. Invoke Change

Times change, and people do too. By recognizing the shortcomings or outdated aspects of your fraternity, you can evolve your Greek house into something more suitable and comfortable for newcomers and existing members alike. Be sure that your house is ready to be a welcoming environment for newcomers and that all activities are beneficial to the community. 

3. Perpetuate the Good 

Some events and activities do too much good to be lost in translation or left in the history of a previous class. Be sure that you and your fraternity brothers recognize all of the good that you’re doing on campus and within the community, and be sure that these activities and events are carried on throughout the lifespan of the fraternity. 

4. Expand Beyond Your House

There are other people at your school besides your brothers, and many of them need a helping hand! You’re not the only one trying to find a home away from home. Be sure that you embody your house and all it stands for on a daily basis, and do so by helping new students, or even returning ones that may be struggling. Essentially, you should be more than your brotherhood, you should be the person that everyone on campus can rely on! This in itself will bring a good name to your fraternity.

5. Offer Recommendations

Recommend people to your fraternity, and recommend brothers and sisters to jobs after you graduate. Recommendations play a key role in another person’s success, especially someone similar to you or with the same major. We can all play a positive role in another person’s life, so be sure to recommend people to your cause!

6. Participate in Meetings

Being active in your fraternity is just as important as being active in class when it comes to college Greek life. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and by participating actively in your fraternity and in meetings you can develop a culture where people can speak freely and implement new ideas that could be life-changing for new members of the house. 

7. Get Involved 

Don’t be afraid to take it upon yourself to get active in the local community. One person can do a lot of good if their mind is in the right place. Be sure to get involved in your house, on campus, and in your local community. Show everyone what Greek life is all about!

8. Be Punctual

Being on time is crucial to success. Not only does it benefit your image, but others will follow suit in your punctuality especially if you are involved and active within the fraternity, campus, and local community. Essentially, you want to be someone that others can emulate! Not only will this benefit them, but it will create a standard for your fraternity and ensure that newcomers are always on time to meetings and events! 

9. Implement New Ideas

Not only does introducing new ideas for events, activities, and gatherings benefit your greek house in its functionality, it creates a safe space for open dialogue! Everyone should feel free to share during meetings, be it formal or informal. Introducing new ideas creates the sense of an environment that welcomes individuality and ultimately creates a more synergistic house. 

10. Recognize Areas of Weakness

Stagnation does not warrant creation! There’s always room for improvement, and recognizing areas of weakness is the first step toward more effective Greek houses regardless of the fraternity or campus. Be sure to get active, and speak up regarding things that need improvement!

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