It can be difficult to juggle the responsibilities that come with a full course load, not to mention extracurricular activities, athletics, and sorority events. College can be very difficult when it comes to time management and balancing student responsibilities with sorority events as well as other activities. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one who might be having difficulty balancing the aspects of college life. 

It can be hectic, stressful, and anxiety inducing to have a schedule packed with study times, classes, homework, and extracurricular activities. But you’re not alone! Many people struggle balancing their coursework with sorority events. Here are a ten ways you can alleviate some of this stress:

1. Make a Monthly Schedule

Having a schedule that outlines where you have to be at certain times and when certain things have to be done is a tactic that will serve you well as you navigate college. Be sure to keep a planner, calendar, or notepad of the events, classes, and assignments you have coming up. This will ensure that you have enough time to meet requirements and will ultimately help alleviate the stress of cramming.

2. Prioritize Events

Frankly, some things are much more important than others. For instance, if you have a test coming up in three days, and you haven’t studied yet, it’s probably more important to focus on what sections the test will cover and what you need to know than grabbing a bite to eat with your sisters. Better, yet, ask your sisters to help you study! It’s important to prioritize events so that you aren’t left feeling disappointed with a low grade or a poor outcome as a result of not prioritizing. 

3. Focus on Mental Health

While it is normal to feel the pressure and stress that comes with college life, it’s critical to focus on your mental health to ensure that you’re in a good state of mind going into any event. Life as a student is hard, but as someone who participates in Greek life you have sisters that will have your back! Find out what works for you when focusing on your mental health, and be sure to implement those practices daily to avoid burnout, depression, anxiety, etc. Even the most influential people in history understand the importance of their mental health, and you should too!

4. Exercise

It’s been scientifically proven that sufficient exercise encourages positive energy. The endorphins produced from exercise, along with the feeling of relief and success that comes with pushing your body to its limits, is key to ensuring a positive outlook as well as good self-esteem.

5. Talk With Your Advisor

They’re there for a reason! Academic advisors serve to help students navigate college life and make college a manageable and memorable experience for students. Whether you need to take on less work, or just vent to someone about life recently, maintaining a relationship with your advisor is a surefire way to overcome many of college’s hardest obstacles. 

6. Communicate With Your Sorority

Sometimes, you may not be able to make an event, and that’s okay! Other times, you may just need someone to talk to and confide in. That’s fine too! Whatever the case, your sisters will have your back throughout your college experience and help you as you balance student responsibilities with sorority events.

7. Communicate With Your Professors

Your professors have been where you are now! Regardless of the professor, it’s always worth letting your teacher know what is going on in your life so that they can be more lenient with you. Everyone who has gone through college knows how stressful and hectic it can be, so don’t be afraid to reach out to your professor in the event you need some help or an extension!

8. Don’t Take on too Much at Once

Taking on more work than you can handle is a problem people face all the time. Whether you’re a student or have cemented yourself in your professional career, biting off more than you can chew can be an issue for anyone. Be sure to assess what you already have on your plate before you take on more responsibilities!

9. Have a Proper Sleep Schedule

It can be hard to find time to sleep amidst sorority events, get-togethers, assignments, classes, etc. But it is extremely important that you get enough sleep to ensure that your brain is functioning properly. Students often find themselves stressing out because they don’t get enough sleep, so be sure to make a proper sleep schedule when you’re scheduling your responsibilities for the month!

10. Talk to Your Family Once in a While!

Let’s face it; You’re far from home, and probably miss your family, and that’s okay! A lot of college students struggle with the same thing! Don’t feel like you’ve lost the fight if you give your family a call to vent or catch up, or even if you need to take some time away from school to visit where it all started. The key to college life is to have a strong support group, and who knows you better than the people you grew up with?

Control What You Can & Let Go of What You Can’t

These ten ways to balance college life and your responsibilities are all in your control. But, the truth is, some things just aren’t. When something is out of your control, just let it go! Don’t worry about things you can’t change. Moving forward and developing methods to overcome adversity is a part of human nature, and it’s proven to be the best way to overcome things that you can’t control.

Yet, there are many things you can control. It’s crucial to take these tips to heart and implement them in your college life. Managing your stress, being communicative, keeping an eye on mental health, and scheduling events are the key ways to balance your student responsibilities with sorority events. For more information, visit GreekXperience, the all-in-one platform for Greek life


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