Many of the great women in history and in our current culture have pledged themselves to Greek sororities. It’s no surprise why so many inspirational women of all types of cultural backgrounds have made such influential impacts, given their experience with college sororities.

Greek life instills confidence, pride, and positive self-esteem in all brothers and sisters. Given these values and teachings, many women have gone on to be inspirational and influential icons. These women have changed lives and moved people in the most momentous ways. Here are just a handful of women who were once a part of college sororities:

All photography credits to Rob Crandall

1. Condoleeza Rice

Condoleeza joined the Alpha Chi Omega sorority while she was a political science/ piano major. Alpha Chi Omega was a sorority with musical origins, so it almost felt like home to her. Who would have thought that years later Condoleeza would become the secretary of state from ‘05-’09 and the 20th national security advisor from ‘01-’05? Certainly her sisters did!

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2. Katie Couric

Katie was a member of Delta Delta Delta at the University of Virginia. She is a testament of how Greek life in college sororities can prepare women to be bold and influential. Katie is known as an American television and online journalist, presenter, producer, and author. She has quite the resume, and it all began with Delta Delta Delta!

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3. Kate Spade

Who doesn’t love Kate Spade? C’mon now! Before she was a renowned and influential designer, Kate was an Omega member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma society at Arizona State University, where she majored in journalism. 

All photography credits to David Shankbone

4. Sara Blakely 

You may not be familiar with this name, but her impact on women is one of the most influential of past generations. She invented Spanx! Sara is the youngest woman to be on the cover of Forbes’ Billionaire list and was a member of Delta Delta Delta at Florida State University. 

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5. Jennifer Garner

Before she found herself playing some of the most influential roles in film and television, Jennifer was a member of Pi Beta Phi at Denison University. She even still remembers the cheer! 

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6. Carrie Underwood

Years before she cemented herself as a country music icon, Carrie was a member of Tri Sigma at Northeastern State University. Nowadays, Carrie uses her tour schedule to stay in touch with Tri Sigma members all across the country. 

All photography credits to Delbo Andrea

7. Tory Burch

There is another designer among us! Tory Burch is a Kappa Alpha Theta member from her time at UPenn, and still remains heavily involved with the sorority to this day! This just goes to show you that sorority sisters are for life!

All photography credits to Buzzfuss

8. Michelle Pfeiffer

Before she blossomed as one of Hollywood’s A-list actresses, Michelle is one of the many inspirational women who belonged to Alpha Delta Pi, back when she was a student at Golden West College. This one definitely comes with some bragging rights. 

All photography credits to Mark Reinstein

9. Aretha Franklin

Whether you are or plan to be a member of Delta Sigma Theta at Howard University, prepare to be in elite company. The Queen of Soul herself and jazz singer Lena Horne both pledged to this sorority. Talk about great women in history. 

All photography credits to sheilaf2002

10. Kamala Harris

To round out our list, we give you the vice president of the United States. That’s right. The second-in-command of our nation is/could be one of your sorority sisters if you’re a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha! Kamala is still a devoted member to AKA at Howard University, and recently celebrated founder’s day with a note on Instagram! Crazy, right?

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